Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wild Things

So it's still school holidays. And the kids could definitely be described as wild things!!
But actually this post is about another type of wild thing altogether. You know how kids seem to get hooked on the same book, and want it read over and over and over?? You start feeling like a cracked record and still they want the same book read?
These holidays it was Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak. As it was published in '63 most if you would know the one, but for those who don't its this beauty:
(Quite a resemblance to the picture above, don't you think??). Anyway in a desperate attempt to feed the children's appetite for wild things I decided we would make our own. So off we trip to spotlight to gather our supplies. A metre of calico (we made 3 wild things with plenty of fabric left over), poly fill and crayola fabric pens. From the start George was right into this, which really surprised me. Usually when asked if he wanted to make something you would get a very polite "no thank you" in reply. Ingrid, as always was up for a day of crafting. Arthur came and went (so I made one for him, only he has decided he wants George's), and our creative director oversaw the process. 
We started by (yet again) reading the book. Then we sketched some ideas, using the book for inspiration. 
Once the kids had chosen their design we agreed on a shape to cut out of the fabric. 
And then we cut them out (cut 2) ready for decorating. The kids decorated front and back pieces. I made sure I drew a line where the seam would be so the kids understood which part would be seen once it was sewn. 
Once all decorated we heat set it with an iron. Then, time to sew the two pieces together - right sides together. We made sure you leave enough room to stuff the wild thing. 
We turned our monsters out the right way, making sure we got all the horns as pointy was we could. 
Time to stuff and sew them up!
And voila! Aren't they amazing???!!! 

The kids have done such a wonderful job, I am VERY proud of them. 
Now, let the wild rumpus start!!!

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