Monday, January 20, 2014

Shoo Fly

We have a fly problem. A big fly problem. So much so that I'm pleased we changed Rupert's name from Louis to Rupert. (Confused? Click here and you'll get the picture...). So much so that kind friends leave fly traps anonymously on the door step after visiting. (Thank you kind Fly Trap Fairy!!). So much so that even our resident daddy long legs, fat on plump flies simply watch as the flies buzz right past, too full to care. So much so that every time I burst into a rendition of "shoo fly don't bother me" the kids just roll their eyes. Even Arthur has stopped dancing to shoo fly.
I had to put a moratorium on my no fly spray in the house policy, and eagerly watched as Mr TBT went round the house every evening committing mass fly murder (and then kindly vacuumed up the evidence, thank you darling!). I took the moratorium further by buying an automated fly spraying machine which sprays fly spray every two minutes. The packet said 'made from botanical ingredients'. But frankly these flies have wrenched me from my left wing green stance on using chemicals in the home as I wholeheartedly scream "BRING ON THE HARD STUFF".
I don't know why we have so many flies. We aren't dirty. I've decided our flies aren't ordinary flies. They are super human flies with an average IQ of 164. I setup the fly traps as per instructions. 5 minutes later - BINGO! "I got one!!!" I texted the Fly Trap Fairy. "Only 1000 to go" she replied. Four days passed before we captured another single unsuspecting insect. Four days!
So, dear flies I beg you one thing.....DIE FLIES DIE.....pretty please......with a cherry on top?


  1. Poor old Louie.
    I feel your pain. Even with all the screens closed and nowhere for them to get in there will always be one in the kitchen. I bought a plug in blue light zapper thing to get them and have only caught one (who sneakily waited inside until I turned it off and then flew out of it again). Keep at it.

    1. Thanks! The chemicals have worked well, sadly!

  2. There is NOTHING more irritating than a fly,well, maybe a mosquito! If your husband is like my he gets some strange enjoyment out of killing flies. He does it with gusto! Good luck getting rid of them.

  3. Yes! He loves it!! Hmm maybe I should buy him a fly swat for Christmas...