Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Campers

We went camping...for a day! Our good friends were camping for the week, and they invited us to join them for a day. "Bring the kids bikes" says Renee! Sure. Oh, 4 kids in a car and even with daddy at work there wouldn't be room... Then there was the eski and I may as well take the double pram so the little boys had somewhere to sleep. There was only one thing for it - I would have to take the trailer.
For those of you who know my dear ol hubby, he places great emphasis on trailer driving skills. In fact, during our courtship we had a conversation that went like this:
S: "what do your parents do?"
C: "mum, blah blah, dad blah blah"
S: "do you have any brothers and sisters?"
C: "blah blah blah"
S: "can you back a trailer?"
C: "I don't know, I've never tried"

I don't know was much better than no. At least not having tried, there was a slim chance that I might be able to learn. I sometimes reflect on this conversation and wonder if I had said "no, last time I tried to back a trailer I took out the Sydney Opera house" whether our relationship would have lasted...
Anyway, back to our camping trip. With the trailer loaded I proceeded to try to do a 20 point turn in our front yard to avoid reversing out our driveway. 
This was easier said than done, and seeing as my darling hubby reads this blog I won't mention the fact that I nearly jackknifed the trailer. After 15 odd minutes of attempting this I decided to attempt plan b. Reversing. I did it. But I won't mention that I caressed the gate with the bull bar in the process. George was meant to be watching it for me, and in his defence I hadn't spelled out that this meant yell "STOP" at the top of your lungs should mummy look as though she is going to hit it. George was watching, but he was trying to drag the gate back past the point of no return so that I didn't hit it. At least he was trying. Ingrid, on the other hand was hanging off the other gate picking jasmin!
Once we were out the gate my co pilot and I took off
It was such a lovely day, with the kids having some good old fashioned fun. Riding bikes
And just kicking back under a tree...
Not to mention throwing rocks into the river. Arthur thought this was the best game ever and roared with laughter every time he threw one in. It kept him occupied and happy for at least half an hour!!
Time for a spot of lunch. 
I had made a batch of hummus a few days earlier and we had hummus, carrot and cheese (ham for the kids) stuffed pida breads. It sounds like a strange combination but it was really really yummy. 
What a lovely day! Just as I was thinking
to myself "ah, this has gone well" Rupert did the most humungous poo in the world. You know the type where the jumpsuit gets thrown out and the baby gets a bath? Only we were camping-and only for the day. Thankfully a lovely lady called Lauren announced that she had 'instant hot water' and ran Rupert a bath. So Rupert had a tub. 
I'm currently harbouring a secret dream to pack the kids into a caravan and go on tour. Crazy I know, but if I ever do I will definitely need instant hot water. What a great way to meet people in a caravan park. "Come over for a cuppa" 
"Great, I'll be there in ten"
No, I've got instant hot water, come over now!"
With Rupert cleaned up it was time for some chocolate cake and a spot of cricket. 
Then it was home time. I loaded the trailer and 4 very tired children very reluctant to leave. George proposed sleeping in the car. I'm pleased we didn't as someone would've had to cuddle Mango, who was a little worse for wear having covered himself in buzzies!!

I even managed to get the trailer back to its little spot. I thought if I got it exactly back in the right spot Mr TBT mightn't believe me!!

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