Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good On You Umpie

Just watching the state of origin and thought I'd say "good on you" to the ref. Why? He sent 4 players to the sin bin for going the biffo.
Honestly, if the code wants to prove itself as having appropriate role models for youngsters I hope next weeks tribunal throws the book at ALL PLAYERS who were involved. (Apart from the few who pulled other players out of the action). The origin is the perfect stage to set an example as many 'non league supporters' tune in (it's the only league I ever watch). Not to mention the shit that the AFL finds themselves in at the moment. Come on NRL, this is your chance!!
The cameras followed the NSW players (pardon my ignorance but being a Tasmanian resident these days I've lost touch with whos who in both rugby codes!!) into the tunnel where they were patted ( on the bum - literally) and consoled by NSW staff. Come on people-they've been very very naughty (not to mention the score).
And the carry on by the commentators - well lets just say if I was the ref I'd be sending THEM to the naughty spot too.... Only in our house its one minute for every year of age. Humf, if you think the players were sent to the sin bin for eternity fellas.....

Friday, June 14, 2013

One Royal Sleep

The Royal Mascots have been robed...
The Royal Stables are full and all mounts have been tendered to....
The Royal Cakes have been created....
Special Banquet Robes will adorn the guests of honour....
One Royal Sleep to go.... Well 1/2 one anyway....
Shame we can't do a royal thing about the weather!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Party Preparations # 4

Just a quick one to share some of the things Nadia has been up to in the lead up to the big day. She is in charge of entertainment and has been busy making origami dragons. These will be the prizes for the games. She as also made oatmeal clay eggs for the treasure hunt. They have baby dragons inside. And finally she has whipped up some snazzy signs! Enjoy...

Monday, June 10, 2013

Party Preparations #3

Wooo hoooo!!!! Princess Broaches are finished (except I have to glue pins on the back). 1 knight tunic finished. 12 to go.... And every self respecting knight and princess needs a trusted steed!!!

Party Preparations # 2

And now for the boys.... Work has started on the knights tunics. Here are a few pics of the first dummy run...
Ill post a picture of the completed broaches and tunics soon!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Need for Speed

George and Ingrid had a need for speed thus morning. George also graciously modelled the unfinished princess broaches and sashes!!!

Party Preparations #1

Evening all! Next weekend George & Saskia are having a Knights & Princess joint 6th party. Nadia and I may have gone a tad over the top (there are 2 of us so we can do twice the work!!!). Anyway, last night I started making the princess broaches for the guests. We are also making sashes for the girls and tunics for the young knights....

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Prep Leads Assembly & a Lovely Day for an Excursion

Yesterday George's class lead the junior assembly. It was adorable! He did a great job when he had to talk, and also 'co-hosted' a video they played during the assembly. The class also sang some lovely songs and it was nice to see him join in with such enthusiasm. It was also really nice to see all kids who have been in George's class for the past 3 years get up and speak, as I remember them as timid little 3 year olds on the first day - and it seems only yesterday!! The presentation was all about 'what makes a community' which is what the class has been learning about this term. They had their (year 4??) buddies with them, and 4 of the buddies played a guitar piece. It was lovely, though punctuated by Arthur's solo - lets just say he was a VERY vocal supporter of the performance!! Luckily there was a line up of clucky teachers ready to pass him around and dance with him. The first few pics are from the assembly.
Today was miserable! The cloud and drizzle didn't lift ALL DAY. UGHH. Just the day to take the a bunch of prep kids on an excursion. Arthur and I tagged along for the ride. We went to the senior school - part of learning about their community. The new Principal showed them around and he was so lovely with the little preppies. And what a lively bunch he had to talk to! Mr Muller commented on how many questions George had for him ( which is good-he added). George promptly asked him if he rode a rocket to school!!! There are a couple of pics from today. The last pic is of the Boden clan who escorted us home in the rain. Too cute!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Super (Hero) Day

What a morning!! Batman and Supergirl popped in to do a spot of cleaning. Much appreciated!
The kids were spoilt rotten today. Gandy dropped in with gifts-beautiful woollen jumpers for the kids. So lovely.
We had a surprise visit from Uncle Tom and Cousin Ruby who brought a birthday gift for Arthur. A ball and a book - Arthur's two favourite things in the world!! George actually read Arthur his new book at bed time. Very very clever stuff and very adorable.
And no day would be complete without a little trolley circle work in the living room!