Saturday, January 25, 2014

Taking Stock...

This is an idea I've seen on a couple of other blogs. Here, here & here. Thanks for the idea!!

Making : homemade mayo

Cooking : frittata, lentil & feta salad, white bean salad, warm spud salad, lamb kofta, mint slice, and striped yellow and green jelly - all for Australia Day!

Drinking : green tea. 

Reading: blogs. Lots and lots of blogs. It's fun!!

Wanting: an iPad. Time to move into this century. (I still haven't joined Facebook).

Looking: lustfully at tree change destinations. Green rolling hills, a wide verandah to sit and sip tea...

Playing: peek-a-boo. 

Wasting: time. Rupert is the most smiley time waster in the world!!

Sewing: cushions for the play room. 

Wishing: the last of the school holidays are quick and painless.

Enjoying: listening to George & Ingrid playing together

Waiting: for my copy of Vantastic to arrive...

Liking: that we have decided to stay gluten free.

Wondering: if we went caravaning whether we could modify mobile sheep yards to make a giant play pen around the van to keep Arthur in?

Loving:building our nest with the love of my life. 

Hoping: we keep up the good run. Nobody has been to emergency all year.

Marvelling:at Arthur's speech development. It's suddenly falling into place. Last week he said as clear as a bell "birds. Over there. Birds".

Needing: a few changes in life.

Smelling: Dahl. (Dinner in the slow cooker).

Wearing: my new yellow shoes. 

Following: the leader, the leader, the leader, we're following the leader....

Noticing: lots of bees on the front lawn.
Knowing: daddy is going back on a week on week off roster feels soooo much better.

Thinking: a lot about what is important in life, and what is important to the 5 people who mean everything to me.

Feeling: a bit clueless, if I'm honest...
Bookmarking: lots of idyllic cottages in Country Style. 

Opening: the hen house every morning.

Giggling: at the chooks. I know they're only chooks, but they make me smile. Except early in the morning when I open Arthur's curtains and Scuzzy gives me the evil eye til I let her out. 

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