More about me . . .

I am a mother of 4 and wife of 1.

I love cooking, cuddles, sewing, rowing, granny chic and dreaming.

What do I dream about? I dream about organisation. I dream about having a cup of tea on the veranda while I gaze out on rolling green hills - with not a neighbour to be seen.  I dream about having a husband who goes to work in the morning and comes home in the afternoon (though on that, the FIFO thing is our choice, a choice which we are more than happy with for the time being).  I dream of less washing.  Much less washing.  I dream of living in a subtropical paradise, where you put socks on when it gets cold.  I dream of re-purposing and reusing, living like my nan did.  I dream of growing as much as you can and buying the rest in bulk.  I dream of a life without supermarkets.  I dream that the boys will grow out of their asthma, and that we wont be on first name basis with the staff in the emergency and children's wards of our local hospital.    I dream of life after nappies.  And house trained kids.  Bugger it, they can do all their washing, and the cooking and cleaning too.  Or maybe I should invest in that Fairy Godmother we discussed the other day...

I would love to blog about all these things.  But in reality what you will find here is the chaos of having 4 busy children and a husband who is away for up to 4 weeks at a time, while the rest of us reside in suburban Tasmania.  Sometimes we have time to craft, sew and sing.  Sometimes I share my garden with you.  Sometimes I completely lose the plot.  I often blog about gluten free and vegetarian food. I blog about our chickens. A lot. And sometimes our dog too.

If you stick around for long enough you will see that we are trying to live in a sustainable manner, and to teach our children about the important things in life.  In a round about way we are heading towards our dreams.  We will get there one day.  Maybe you could come for the journey?

And if you would like to get in touch, please do so here.

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