Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Roundup

Ok so Christmas was sooo last year, but I've only just had a chance to look back over the pictures which I took on Christmas Day (and the days prior). The
Christmas season really only started once Daddy got home and we went to Candles & Carolight. (Carols by Candlelight in Ingrid speak). Unfortunately in typical Tassie style it was bloody freezing, so Rupert was unable to wear his elf outfit. It was however warm enough on Christmas Day and as you can see he made a beauuuuwdafuwl elf.  
On the 22nd we went out to the Liffey to have the Millar Christmas gathering. It was a tad hectic, and I didn't have a chance to take many pictures. Cousins Evie and Amy made the kids day when she offered to take the kids to show them the horses. 
Next came time for the Chrissy shopping.  Ughhh. But had to be done. I think our gifts looked rather lovely when they were wrapped too, don't you??
I love our driftwood tree. I usually make the decorations but sadly this year ran out of time. The kids did go to town with tinsel on the gum tree out the front to compensate. 
Next came the Christmas cooking. I tackled my first ever gingerbread house. Every year I have seen the gingerbread kits and though next year....well this was the year. Only me being me decided it can't be that hard, who needs the kit. Err...wrong. I can happily add gingerbread house making to knitting on the list of crafts that I really suck at. I can also advise that in our house it is an R rated activity, and includes WAY too much swearing involved to be something you do with the kids. Thankfully the kids had gone Christmas light gazing with Daddy while I did the assembling. I did manage to stick everything together. I then had the bloody silly idea of adding snow to the roof-absolutely essential when you are celebrating Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere. Every time I tried to add delicate drops of snow the house fell apart which was absolutely infuriating. Then the makeshift piping bag i was using blew a hole so I decided to simply smear the snow on. The result was that it looked like a small pteradactor had relieved himself while flying overhead. Sam thought they looked less like gingerbread houses and more like a gingerbread dunny. I had planned to make a little village, but 2 was more than enough to test my patience!!
Should I ever attempt one again I will take Aunty Trish's advice (which I got after the fact) and make an a frame. It will also definitely not involve snow. 
Next were the rum balls, which call me a bad parent I let the kids make. Even George got involved and he never likes to cook!
I didn't let the kids eat them, otherwise they would've looked like this...
Or maybe this...
On the subject of food, this is what we are on Christmas Day. 
Diana made the most delicious eggplant bites
I'm definitely going to have to get the recipe. Our nibbles also included (f)artichoke dip and the all important barbecued prawns. 
While we digested our entree we decorated the table
George did a great job with the name tags but Sam did have to remind him it's Daddy to him!!
We continued on with our main
Bean salad
Roast asparagus with red onion and pine nuts
Christmas pilaf (Diana's culinary skills, and the pomegranate was a favourite of Arthur's!)
Cherry tomato and bocconcini salad
  Watermelon and feta salad
Goats cheese and beet root parcels for the vegetarians (thanks Diana)
And the all important Chrissy ham and turkey
We rounded the meal off with a yummy sorbet creation (also Diana) and some homemade icecream. 
Next year in going to make one of these
My dear friend Chappers made this isn't it beautiful?? I especially love the Brie star!!
Anyway, next we adjourned to play with new bikes and toys
Not to mention donning new clothing and accessories
Then we rejuvenated the Christmas spirit with coffee and rum balls, chocolate balls, home made shortbread (another first for me but a hobby I can imagine may stick. Even Dad, who only eats 'good' shortbread had his fair share). 
Finally it was time to say goodbye to the grandparents and pour the kids into bed. Sam managed to cut his hand badly while making the kids some toasties for dinner :( off he went to the LGH and came home with a couple of stitches. But that was the only incident of the day and we had such a lovely day. It was a real treat for the kids to have both their grandfathers here and we enjoyed great food and interesting conversation (Grandpa James has just returned from a couple of months in Africa). Merry Christmas everyone. Now, what to do with the left overs...

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