Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Clever-Cloggs Husband...

The sound of hammers, saws, sanders and drills have been ringing in our ears recently. Poor Sam, every time he hears "darls, I've got a GREAT idea" he knows his work is cut out. Having a large family in a small house, without any storage isn't ideal and we have been brainstorming ways to make life more organised and in the long run more simple. We have one corner of the living room in which we have tried putting the dining table, arm chairs and a few other set ups. I decided we needed a play room with loads of storage to keep the bedrooms calm an clutter free. So one morning while having a cuppa I whipped up a drawing of my vision and left Sam to ponder how to actually make it work. The next day we trotted off to Bunnings. 2 hours later we had two very excited big kids and two very tired little bear cubs - but we also had a trailer of supplies for what is really our first big project in our little house. We fed the kids arvo tea from the sausage sizzle outside Bunnings (proceeds to the Longford Bowls Club-perfect) and went home to get started. Daddy and his apprentice set to work!
I'm really proud of the finished result, and while the decorating hasn't commenced (cushions, a bunting and of course some artwork from our budding Monet's) this is it so far:
Hasn't he done a wonderful job?? Amazing huh!! 
And the kids are as pleased as punch....

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

End of Year Busy Busy

Tomorrow is the last day of school. Can you believe it????!!!!
I didn't have a chance to make it into town to buy the teachers any goodies so I had to raid the garden. We've had so many windy days, most of the flowers have blown clean off the bushes, but this is what we found:
And now I'm baking gingerbread for George's end of year class celebration. 
One more thing-for those who don't know Louis is now Rupert. Nobody seemed to know how to pronounce or spell Louis which when you have a very tricky surname is a bit mean. So Rupert it is. Good thing we hadn't registered it properly!! 
Anyway, I've been a bit busy recently-I will update the last few months in the next few blog posts- but it has been CRAZY busy!! Cheers.