Friday, January 24, 2014

All work and no play....

My goodness we have been up to our elbows in work. We started renovating the cubby. We may have done things a little backwards by making the decor before we started on the real work. 
That's right! Pom poms. We're mad about pom poms at the moment.
We made them ourselves. I'm not sure if it was the pirate costume but George was right into crafting again. In fact he was in such a pom pom making frenzy 
That he decided to decorate his youngest brother during the pom pom break (with stamps from a recent party bag). 
Next to clean out the cubby. 
Then the fun began. The kids cleaned cubby and the kitchen. 
And then the fun began...
As much as the big kids had much enthusiasm for painting lets just say that it's probably a good thing that we will need another coat of paint. I think I might do that once they start school. Bless their cotton socks. 
Daddy came home and we decided to press on with the front yard. We had been breaking our backs, I mean concrete by hand and this time we decided to bring in the big guns:
And of course we had to take the rubble to the concrete recyclers. 
Don't worry, the little kids got out of the heavy lifting. 
All in all its been a big couple of days and I look forward to sharing the completed projects soon!!
Oh, and I made the most delicious home made mayonnaise this evening. Soooo yummy. 
Oh and we've started sewing the cushions for the play room. Busy busy!
Chow! Looking forward to Australia Day!

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