Saturday, February 2, 2013

Contact & Stuffed Zucchini

Firstly, apologies that for the next few posts all the pics will be at the end. I usually write the posts and up load the pics using an app on my phone and then edit it on my computer - including putting all the pics in the relevant spot (I haven't worked out how to do this on the app yet). However I've had all these entries saved as drafts and haven't had a moment to get to the computer. So here they are. As they are.
School preparations are in full swing, and this year we are contacting books! George is VERY excited, having found contact with loaders and trucks on it. Honesty this stuff has the capacity to significantly raise the male literacy rate in this country. George has gone from "Mum, why do I need books this year?" to "awesome. I'm gunna do the very best writing and drawing in this book. Does school start tomorrow?".
It had such a response that I got soft and let Ingrid chose some 'Hello Kitty' contact - and then had to buy her a little note book to cover!!
Then it was all hands (and feet) on deck to cover our books. I distinctly remember getting very cross in Grade 5 with Grandma Bear for putting the slightest bubble in my apple patterned contact. (Did anyone else have this one? I've recently seen the same pattern make a comeback in wrapping paper and fabric). So much so that by year 6 I was all on my own and covered all my books with red contact with white polka dots. Thankfully George was more forgiving.
The novelty soon wore off and the kids drew some beautiful pictures while I covered the books.
As the day drew to a close we had a quick trip to the park. Arthur LOVED LOVED LOVED his first time on a swing. And finally I stuffed one of the 'Leighlands' super zucchinis with lamb mince (gotta love the cheap lamb in late January!). The stuffing consists of lamb, rice, onion, garlic, tomatoes, the scooped out zucchini, tomato paste and fresh herbs. ( if I told you which ones I'd have to kill you!!). Then roast and enjoy.

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