Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Little (Political) Vegemites

It's election time. Well it's approximately 219 days til the federal election. I know that we don't have a patch on the yanks - but come on people. Think about it. Has anyone really had a think about what we are going to have to put up with?
Already the Greens are taking their bat & ball and are going home. While Christine doesn't want to play with Julia, nor does she want to play with Tony. Tony doesn't want to play with either of them - he might get girl germs. Come on children.
The thing that gets me is that they are so busy pointing out the negatives and flaws of their opposing numbers, that it is really hard to decipher just what they are going to do for us should they take home the trophy.
Now I am proud to admit that I am an ABC nerd. We watch the news, 7:30 report and Q & A. Now while Aunty isn't what she used to be Tony, Christine and Julia have had their fair share of air play since the election was announced on January 12. Not to mention Kevin, Wayne and Joe. But I've had trouble working out what THEY are going to do for ME. Honestly, the amount of whining that had gone on so far would make an Eton boy blush.
So my voting strategy is this. Who ever says the fewest negative remarks, complains the least and refrains from verbally bashing one another will win my vote. I'll take a tally - starting now. Double deduction for racist and sexist remakes (sorry Tony. Not much hope for you). Triple rewards for actually complimenting one another (as IF). And then there are to party members who bag each other. Now what are we going to do with them...

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