Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Dotty Kind of Day

It was a very dotty day today. Ingrid wore the new spotty skirt I made for her. We then made a REALLY yummy chocolate cake, which Sam iced with dotty sprinkles while Ingrid and I picked George up.
If you are wondering who our little friend is we have yet another house guest!! Bobby Bear from Prep Brown has been staying with us this week. as you can see Bobby has been put through his paces.
And finally, after afternoon tea we began the cubby renovation. The first job was to level the floor. We plan to take inspiration from the huts Brighton Beach. The kids have voted to paint it blue, pink and yellow. I think there may be a bit of negotiating to do!
It was a lovely day, so while Sam did the concreting and I cooked dinner the kids got the hose out and cleaned the crockery for the cubby.

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