Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bless Me Bettie

Bless me Bettie for I have sinned,
I hereby admit that I cooked pumpkin curry with homegrown pumpkin and (ooh ahh gasp) store bought curry paste.
I could say that it was the fact that Sammy has been away for 2 weeks, or that the littlest of the team has rendered me 3 hours sleep a night.
I could blame the new ballet teacher, who's bolshy Bolshoi attitude took me by surprise. (I'm sorry, I'm not going to pick the kids up from school 10 minutes early so Ingrid isn't 5 minutes late to ballet. You say 'it's not as if they are in matric' - I say 'this isn't the Royal Ballet School. Start your classes at a decent time lady'!). Or that I was strangely disconcerted by her enthusiasm for my daughters talent.
I might blame the fact that I was thoroughly distracted by the fact that one of my dearest friends was in the middle of a 40 hour labor. Or that I recently received one of the most amazing emails from one of my most amazing friends. She has dragged herself from such a bad place and I'm so proud of her that I've drafted no less than 5 reply emails. None seem worthy of her story.
Or maybe I had one ear on the croupy / asthmatic cough George is displaying and wishing (more than ever) that Sam was home.
But in hope of saving myself some hail Bettie's I'll be honest. When I wrote my shopping list yesterday I had no intention of doing the usual thing of making a batch of paste and freezing the rest for a rainy day. I wrote 'curry paste' on the list. Why? Cos I couldn't be fagged. Sorry.

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