Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tennis, Roly Poly & Fresh

A lovely day here again yesterday and Leanne booked a tennis court for us all to share. Strictly hit and giggle. And what fun!!
We walked down to the courts leaving a very sad little Mango dog pleading to come and be the ball boy.
Balls flew every where in a flurry of racquets and madness although one little boy quietly crept away to the sideline. After observing him for a while Sam and I realised that George was frustrated at not being as good as he would like to be - first time, though he was still much better than his mother!! (George had a couple of lessons 2 years ago but nothing since). He sat quietly by himself, eating his morning tea and observing some of the other lessons going on in the surrounding courts. After nearly 20 minutes of observation he happily joined the tennis party and showed off his new found skills!!
After lunch we met Lucy, Zoe and Alexander at Punchbowl Park. Oh to be a child and roll down a grassy hill!
Why so much activity in one day you may ask?? Well Sam had to change his flights back and I called the lovely Kate to postpone our dinner date at Fresh. The darling not only suggested that Sam and I keep the dinner booking but also offered to babysit! Who knew that when you buy a house with Harcourts they throw in free baby sitting. Thanks so much Kate we had a beautiful meal. We started with the dips and then shared a vegetarian tasting plate. We are getting old though. We were home by 9:30. The children were also suitably exhausted and were on their best behaviour for the baby sitter. It was lively being a grown up for an evening.

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