Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ready For Action

Well ladies and gentlemen are we ready for school tomorrow or what???!!!! Gandy scared me by Saying how unusual it was the kids starting on a Monday, which is usually a student free day. What???? @&$**! I've got another whole day of school holidays to live through?? They are going. Even if they're the only ones there!! Once, satisfied that Lexie, Saskia and Harry would be joining them I continued on with the school prep.

George is so ready that yesterday he wrote his name on his hand so that his new class mates would know who he is!!!!
Ingrid was born ready, and is already complaining because she doesn't get to go to school as often as George goes. When I explained that she couldn't go as often as George because Mrs Goddard wouldn't be there she volunteered to skip a year and hang out with George & Mrs Brown.
Anyway .. Lunches are prepared, uniforms laid out and bags are packed. I must remember to put their gumboots in. .... ( they do a heap of gardening at school ). Drink bottles. Check. Planner & library bags. Check.....

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