Monday, February 4, 2013

Australian Story

Tonight I watched 'Australian Story' on ABC. I must be honest, I've been disappointed with Australian Story in recent years. Tonight, however I really enjoyed the show.

Tonight's programme was about a couple who bought some photos which were up for auction in London. The couple paid over $100,000 for these photos, which were of aboriginal people from the Clarence Valley, northern NSW. The photos are absolutely amazing. This is one of them.

The couple who bought the photographs felt strongly that they ought to stay in Australia. They later gave the photographs back to the Grafton community.
It didn't stop there. The gentleman who bought the photos felt it was important that the identities of the people in the photos be revealed. He worked tirelessly to reveal the stories of the people in the photographs.
I couldn't help but think that Sam Cullen is a pretty amazing bloke. Despite not being aboriginal, or a resident of the Clarence Valley he felt driven to keep these culturally significant items in Australia, and more importantly in the Clarence Valley. I thought it was amazing that this man spent so many years unfolding the stories to go with the picture. As I understand it they are still gathering information. (For those who haven't been to that area it is absolute gods country. My mums family is from the upper Clarence and every time we visit our heart skips a beat!!)
If only we could all do something for someone else. Even just something little. Come on let's all try it ...

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