Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2 Birthday Parties in 1 Day

On Saturday we had not one, but two birthday parties on the one day. The last time this happened was about this time last year when we had George's school friend Jordan's 4th birthday at 10am, followed by cousin Ruby's first at 2pm-both at Punchbowl Reserve.
We had arrived at 9:45 am and not left 'til 5:45 that evening, bloodied and sugared! Literally. George fueled by a concoction of lollies, birthday cake and birthday love had, unknown to me, taken a ride on a friends scooter-minus a helmet. (ok so by this time I was feeling very pregnant and even more over the birthday fever and was most likely cowering in the car park!).
George had managed to spring head first into a hand rail and cut open his knee. Sam's family has a disproportionately large number of nurses, all of whom were very humored by my concern for the first 'egg' which I had experienced as a mother!! They assured me there would be several more to come, particularly if George took after his father and Uncle Ben!! George, his credit, recovered more quickly than I did. Then he saw the red stuff leaking out of his leg and in a 'Doc Martin' moment the world came to an end. Ingrid, who had only given up her day sleep the week before, was by this stage simply quivering from a huge overdose of sugar. Time to go. I took the kids home, fed them a plate of vegetable sticks for dinner (no really I did) and shoveled them into bed with cake still plastered from nose to belly buttons!!
Needless to say when I realised that Zac's 3rd birthday at Cataract Gorge & Mile's 5th party were on the same day I did have 2nd thoughts. Especially when I realised that the latter was at the bike centre. No! Never put a sugared Miedecke behind the pedals.
I was, however very pleasantly surprised when the day ended without incident. Both parties were absolutely beautiful. Seems George has learnt his lesson. Miles's dad Shane gave George the green light to have anything at all from the table (the pics show the fantastic spread which Claire put on). What did George eat first? Peach, watermelon and strawberries!! Then, when Claire offered him some chocolate birthday cake what did George say "no thank you, I think I've had enough chocolate today". Wow!! I am very proud! Here are some pics! Enjoy! Oh, if you are wondering who the little 'friend' is in the first pic is we are hosting 'Stella' from the Grace International School in Thailand. Grandma Bear knew someone who knew someone who's grandchild attends this school who are doing a 'Flat Stanley' project to find out about other places in the world.

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