Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Laces and Windmill

Daddy was meant to go to work today but due to the flooding in Qld we have been able to keep him for a little bit longer. However, he is meant to be working from home, so the children and I busied ourselves with jobs all day. First stop school shoes. Look at the darlings. ( I ran into a friend shortly after this pic was taken who thought Ingrid looked like she was off for a hit of tennis - in a Ralph Lauren sort of way!!)
But wait - look a little closer. That's right my little boy is growing up... Yes. Shoe laces!! We have a LOT of practice to do before next Monday (and Mrs Brown strikes me as the patient type) but George is very excited about his big boy shoes. And Ingrid must be growing up too - not a mention about the lack of pink on hers! Not even a whimper! She was pleased that they have 'twin shoes' though.
Then we went to our favourite toy shop on a gift buying mission! Yippee. Love Windmill Educational.

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