Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sheep Poo and Pasta

Yesterday we looked out the window, thought what a beautiful day ...

I know, we'l go and get some sheep poo for the garden....
Thankfully our dear old friend Gwenny has enough to share, so we all trotted off to the "Leighlands" shearing shed. Or under it to be more precise.
We managed to get a whole trailer of poo.
A highlight for those under the shed was listening to those playing in the shed. Farmer George was having a little trouble controlling his new sheep dog Ingrid. It was at times tricky to shovel whilst stooped under the shed and in fits of laughter. Farmer George soon dumped his new sheepdog and chased his new poddy lamb (called Ingrid) into the stall himself!!
It was really lovely to see Viv looking so well after his recent ill health. Our efforts were rewarded with a beautiful haul of fresh veggies - zucchini, green beans, pumpkin & rhubarb....
On the way home we deviated to Habitat on a whim as I wanted to make home made pasta. Sue and Prue duly saw me coming in my sheep poo clobber and directed me to the discounted Chinese made pasta machine!!
As soon as I got the machine going I had my usual sous chef .... my surprise George who usually very politely declines any offer to assist in the kitchen came running to have a turn.
 I'm not sure if it was the smell of danger (please switch on your listening ears as you might squish Mummy's fingers flat) or the excitement of a new machine.
Either way we made yummy scrummy pasta together!!!
Then had a ride in the wheel barrow. In in pjs. (clearly not the one which had sheep poo in it).
And tonight, while I spread the poo on the garden, Sam cooked rabbit stifado. Poor thing, he served it up to a vegetarian and two kids who thought it was the best chicken they'd ever tasted!! It did smell amazing though, and Sam took some round to grandma bear who did say it was yummola. Here is a pic, and you can find the recipe here.

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