Friday, January 25, 2013

Katter Mad Hatter

Ok, so I know this is meant to be a family blog, all about baking scones and fishing in the local creek. BUT I've got to comment on the Katter Party antics. For those of you overseas the Katter Party can be likened to the Pauline's One Nation, only the Hatter Katter Party was started by a mad cat in a hat & far north Queenslander Bob Katter. Recently one of the Katter's Australian Party candidates has withdrawn her nomination - she made some nasty comments about gay teachers (likening them to paedophiles in her local rag). The party also suspended a Senate nominee for also making anti gay comments.
Big Bad Bob came out hard hitting saying that the comments were stupid (translation "shit aye -everyone will know we're red necks). He also said that the comments were against party protocol (translation "you can think it - you just can't say it, ya flaming bloody galah")
Mr Katter said that he was sick and tired of wasting time that should be spent on serious issue (translation - "quick - hand Tony his budgie smugglers, that'll take the spotlight away from us") but stopped short of calling the comments offensive, inappropriate, outdated, conservative, redneck, small minded....
If you are interested, there is a link to the abc article here. (Good ol Auntie - getting a quote from 'openly gay' Senator Penny Wong. As opposed to the openly heterosexual PM, for instance.)

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