Saturday, January 19, 2013

Market Day

This morning we got up bright eyed and bushy tailed and headed off (scooted/rode/trotted) to the Harvest Farmers Markets, here in Launceston. What a beautiful day it was.

And what a haul. This is what we came home with.
  • • cherries-1kg
  • 41 Degrees Smoked Salmon Rillets & Cornies
  • •Vix Kitch Madras Chutney (wow. Seriously good. I know it's a big call, but it's nearly as good as her Beetroot Marmelade. Nearly.)
  • •Ciabatta from Manu Bread (and a cheeky croissant for me)
  • •Apricots-1kg. 400g of which can be seen here on Arthur's face.
  • •Ritual Coffee - the Amelia blend of course.
  • •A farmed rabbit for the BBQ. (chicken, if Ingrid asks). And a cheeky rabbit pie for Sam.
  • •Strawberries-1kg. And a cheeky ice cream for the kids.
  • •Fresh beetroot, green beans, tomatoes
  • •Fresh haloumi & some Bulgarian Meadow Cheese
  • •Honey
  • •Snags from Black Ridge Farm
  • The flowers on top are from the Tasmanian Natural Garlic stall.  Beautiful, but you can also snip off the seeds and pop them in salads and stirfry's.  I've been snacking on them all day, they are slightly garlicky and really tasty.
Wow. Not bad!! Needless to say we had a yummy yummy lunch. Now as you all know I am not one to mix continents (darling I will NEVER put sweet chilli sauce on spanikopeda. Never.) however I think I may have found my exception to the rule!! Ciabatta - with the meadow cheese and Madras Chutney. Heaven.
For dinner we had the snags and a haloumi, green bean and watermelon salad. Yummola - best haloumi I've ever had.
Just toss the haloumi in flour and then grill on the BBQ (2 minutes each side) and toss with blanched green beens (or you could grill them too), watermelon, mint, lemon juice and olive oil.

Following lunch, the kids and I went off to Stuart and Sue's to collect more lemons for tomorrows stall. Think we have enough now!! It's been really lovely finding lovely bags of lemons left on our back door - thanks everyone.

And then something REALLY exciting happened.....

Now, after baking a sponge cake, rock cakes, choc chip biscuits and blueberry muffins I am sitting in from of Miss Fisher re runs. I'll let you in on a secret. I want to BE Phryne. If only to obtain her hat collection.... 

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