Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nadia's Babyshower

Yesterday I had the honour of co-hosting Nadia's baby shower. The lovely Leanne was a fantastic help, even though she couldn't come due to work commitments. Nadia and Leanne had put so much time and effort into mine, I hope we did her justice!! Nadia proved to be a tough customer-avoiding all advances we made to set a date for the big event. We finally nailed her down with a date, which unfortunately was after her due date! But never fear. Nadia was there with bells on, as was most of the physio department from her work. We played some (grown up and tasteful) games. Had a few drinkypoohs and lots of laughs.
A very special thanks must go Sanmy who concreted his Superdad status by looking after our tribe and Nadia & Ianthe's tribe -that's rights folks 5 kids, one man. Aged 5,5,4, 3 (on sat) and 8 months. When the girls and I returned we found the kids fed, kitchen clean and tidy, playroom in reasonable shape, an extremely large amount of gardening done, dinner on the table for us and a sandpit full of happy kids! Wow. Love you darling xx

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