Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Dogs Life

Hi there. Not much to report of late. We washed the dog (he thanked us later). Sam cooked beautiful looking salmon on Australia day - not the traditional lamb, but when have we ever been conventional?? That makes it three in a row - a record for Sam. The night before he cooked his mums cauliflower pasta (really really really yummy ). The kids had to be restrained after their 3rd bowl!! And of course the night before it was Mopsy. Or was it Cottontail? Either way, Sammy has even been heard saying that "this culinary thing is just all coming together for me!"
"Not for a want of trying" says his mum. "Yipppeeee" says the Cat.
"Yummooo" say the kids!!!
Unfortunately Mango hasn't been able to comment as there hasn't been a scrap left over for him. Oh well, there were gourmet dog biscuits at the markets the other week! Poor old Mango will have to wait. It's tough being a dog....

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