Monday, March 31, 2014

][ photo safari \\ harvest farmers markets ][

A photo safari of our trip to the Harvest Markets on Saturday. 
Sandy, of Sandy's Sourdough fame. I invested in a guilty pleasure of Sandy's olive bread. It was yummola. Sadly now I will be joining the kids in a gluten free diet. I hoping Sandy will forgive me (our kids are in the same class...)
Rob from Coronea Grove olive oil. It is nice when you have a link with the producers. Rob's wife Jenny was  Ingrid's teacher last year. Ahh, Launceston.....
Vix, from Vix Kitch. Her beetroot relish should come with a warning. It is 100% addictive and should we ever move away from Tassie I think I shall have to fill my bags with as much relish as I can carry. Life wouldn't be the same without it! And she's a lovely lady to boot (I'm not just saying that because she is one of my mother laws best friends...)
And of course the produce....
And the eating....
And then home....


  1. Wow - I love that you know all your producers so well. That's just super lovely!! Perhaps Sandy will consider trying some GF recipes to cater for you :)

    1. It is nice Heike. The kids love eating Vix relish, or using Mrs G's oil to cook with!!

  2. Hahah i have a pantry full of stuff from Vix Kitch (you're spot on about the beetroot relish!)- my mother in law helps out in her stall! Small place, Tassie :)