Thursday, April 3, 2014

][ stock take \\ march ][

Making :gingerbread for a dear friends birthday. 

Cooking :roast chook, Greek style with olive oil, lemon juice and oregano for dinner tonight. 

Drinking : hot blackcurrent at Fresh

Reading: Vantastic, finally!

Wanting: more summer, less winter. And no, autumn and spring don't exist in my book. It's just warm, cold, or bloody cold. 

Looking: at things through coriander glasses. Far better than rose coloured glasses. I strongly recommend it. 

Playing: nothing! My husband bought me speakers for my iPhone for Christmas but as yet hasn't put the music on it as promised...(I have no idea how to do it). We were playing CDs on the DVD player but someone has misplaced the remote control and we need the remote to eject the CD which is in there...even I get a little sick of the Dixie Chicks after 12 or so plays. Remains George's favourite!

Deciding: I really must find the remote control. 

Wishing: Mr TBT would put some music on my phone. 

Enjoying: a fabulous new completely gluten free cafe in town. The chickpea dumplings in the spicy tomato sauce were delicious!
Waiting: still to find out about certain opportunities. STILL. I think we are close though...then we can get the ball rolling. 

Liking: that last bit of summer we got this week, it's all down hill from here. 

Wondering: what happened to my New Years resolutions. Maybe I'll make some Easter resolutions...

Loving: having my dear ol hubby home. 
Pondering: if Sam was working 6 days a week in a local job really would be any better than a FIFO job. Really? At the moment he gets to do parent help, take kids to sport and have really valuable one on one time with the little boys. 
Considering: I might have to get over my immense dislike of gyms. 
Watching: the weather closely. Low overnight temperatures = asthma flare ups. 
Hoping: we can go on a holiday soon. Shahina, Kate we're heading your way. 

Marvelling: at how many nations can work together to search for the missing Malaysian plane.
Wishing: the world could work together like this more often. 
Smelling: mouse. Slippery little sucker got into our pantry. Just you wait...
Needing: mouse traps. Hopefully we catch him before Sam goes to work. I don't do dead things well. 
Wearing: scarves. 
Following: Arthur around the pool holding on for dear life, while George and Ingrid have their lessons. 
Noticing: The chooks are going off the lay a bit. 
Knowing:eggs don't bounce. Arthur had to find out the hard way. 
Feeling: tired at the thought of winter. 
Admiring: a friend who can walk and breast feed her baby at the same time. Her first baby. I couldn't even do that with my 4th!

Sorting: out the shed. All the stuff that doesn't fit in our house is in there. I feel a garage sale coming on.
Buying: food. Did you know the big 3 kids eat 50 pieces of fruit a week. Minimum. More if they need an extra snack, or have some for breakfast. Which happens often. And now that Rupert is eating solids...
Thinking: about how to give the children a more worldly education. The subject of refugees came up at the dinner table last night. We had to explain what a refugee was, why there are wars ("some grown ups aren't very good at using their words" delivered with a sharp look at certain offending parties seated at opposing ends of the table) and what it is like being a refugee. They were sad about refugees losing their home, worried about the children not having any toys to play with, and completely horrified at the thought of having to survive on a cup of rice a day. 
Getting: sick of going to the supermarket. After a particularly whingy start to the morning I have threatened to put the children on refugee like rations, til they get the picture that they are very very lucky. Suits me. Supermarket shopping would be a breeze. We saw an immediate and marked improvement in behaviour. Damn. Better put that roast in the oven.
Bookmarking: with a beautiful feather bookmark Ingrid made me.
Disliking: the driving from the p platers round these parts.
Opening: new doors to new opportunities.
Giggling: with Arthur. He really is one funny kid.

Feeling: proud of George after having our parent teacher interview. Ingrid's is yet to come.

Snacking: on fresh crunchy autumn apples.
Coveting: sunshine. And chocolate. And a hood hearty spicy curry. Yum.
Helping: some friends. You know who you are!!
Hearing: beeping trucks, unfortunately. The logistics yard round the corner has 2 new fork loaders. They sat at 5:30 am and finish at 9:30pm. It's driving me bonkers. 
Update: my fantastic husband had previously called the boss and told him about reverse alarms that sound like quacking ducks. I kid you not! About an hour after publishing this post they called to say they had ordered 2 and would be trailing once they arrived! Yippee :)
Thanks for the list Pip. Here's a blank one if you want to play! 

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :


  1. Oh I feel for you and the mouse situation. Hope it sorts itself out quickly. We are mouse free *touch wood* and hope it doesn't happen again. Twice is enough in a caravan. South Australia must be under plague.
    You go through a LOT of fruit. I can't imagine buying that much fruit. What healthy kids you must be raising :)

  2. Mice. Eeek. Bad enough in the house, but a caravan?