Saturday, March 22, 2014

][ a drive in the country \\ ross, tasmania ][

Today was a really lovely day. We had planned to meet the Grumpies in Ross, halfway between Hobart & Launceston - a meeting in the middle, as we called it. After several backwards and forwards conversations concerning the weather we decided to brave it, and go for a picnic. And boy am I pleased we did. While the weather was chilly to start with, it brightened up after lunch and allowed for a chance to feed the ducks, take a walk in the country and to explore the town. I'm not a religious person, but I do enjoy looking at country churches. The family names engraved on the walls give a fascinating insight into the community and history of the place. And to top things off we went the long way home. A lovely drive in the country, while the children snoozed in the back seat! Bliss. 


  1. So much beauty and history in Tassie. Lucky you to have it all so close.

    1. Yes it is lovely thank you Michelle. It was a fab day!

  2. Great pictures! Lovely post. I LOVE that post box :)