Monday, March 24, 2014

][ pesto \\ glorious pesto ][

I love love love pesto. So I was very excited to find a massive bunch of basil at Alps & Amici last week. And at this time of the year too!! I smelled it before I saw it. Divine. I also invested in some good quality Parmesan. I used local olive oil (Coronea Grove) which I recently bought at the markets. I'm always so amazed that so few and such simple ingredients can bottle such a yummy result. It tastes like summer to me. That night we enjoyed fresh pesto tossed through warm pasta. Last night I baked chicken parcels with pesto in the middle and today I enjoyed it spread on a salad sandwich (Manu Bread of course).  I'm eying off this soupe au pisto recipe too....

How do you enjoy your pesto?


  1. OH, pesto, how I love thee. I was just saying, over at My Yellow Heart, how much I miss my food processor (for Carla has just posted a great looking food processor cake recipe) and now this!?! It must be the worst thing about a caravan kitchen - no big food processor. But, I am not a generator user, and won't become one. So this is the sacrifice I make. I did, however, make the most delicious basil infused olive oil yesterday. But it's not quite the same, really, is it?

    1. No soup? No pesto? No food processor cake??? That's 3 black marks against the caravaning life....Hmmm....