Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hello Jack!

On Thursday we had our first frost. And I'm cross with Jack. Why? Because the frost killed my basil (which along with coriander is my favourite herb), drooped my tomatoes and burnt the punkin. I know we've had such a good run this summer but it was such an abrupt end to it all.....
And guess what? The next day we had a hail storm. A true blue Queensland style hail storm. In Launceston. In May. The kids asked if the "hail-pops" would still be there in the morning? "Oh no, they will have melted by then" says Mummy Bear. Nope wrong again. Another frost and the ice was still there when we left the house at lunchtime - the next day!!

The big kids have been busy building dinosaur models during all this weird weather. They were sensible enough to not let Arthur (aka Destructo-baby) get his paws on it.

Honestly, that child. I've no idea how I'm going to put up with him inside all winter without having to batten down the whole ship!

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