Saturday, May 18, 2013

Belated Mothers Day

I got breaky in bed today. Pancakes with maple syrup. Yummola. It was a belated Mother's Day breaky as Sam was away last Sunday.
Last Sunday Grandma Gandy, the kids and I went to Trevallyn Dam for a picnic/BBQ. The kids had a lovely time collecting firewood for the fire. Now, Grandma's are known for feeding grand kids too many lollies. And this Grandma is no exception. Only on Mother's Day she thought she would teach George how to light fires instead. George thought it was fantastic, and achieved the task without physical injury! Besides, Gandy bought THE most sensational chocolate cake - whats to worry about? In fact we all had so much fun we are taking Daddy for a BBQ there tomorrow, and meeting another family also. That way Arthur can spend another day crawling around eating his weight in wallaby poo!!!

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