Sunday, April 28, 2013

Butterflies, cakes and play dates

The big kids had a sleep over at grandmas house last night. It was the first time I've slept at home without them. And it was very very quiet. Despite the HUGE storm which was raging outside. (The massive grumpyline aka trampoline, was blown across the yard and stopped only 30 from smashing through George's window). They've stayed at Gandy's before, but I was in hospital with Arthur.
The kids had an absolute ball, but needless to say I was very pleased to have them home!! Needless to say, the kids were extremely excited to have been fed dessert.....
When they got home George decided to do some drawing. He wrote butterfly (& his name) all by himself - no prompting at all. This is HUGE for George and I am very proud of him. So I decided to bake a butterfly cake to take for afternoon tea to Lucy & Alexander's house for afternoon tea. (Ingrid took great pride in her job to feed Arthur his yoghurt while the cake was baking, though I'm not sure how much actually made in....)

The cake was such a hit that we were invited to stay for dinner (ooooh, yes please say the kids - and more dessert - I'll have to lift my game!!).
Arthur had a ball with Alexander - poor 3rd child meets so few of his own type. I'm sure that's why he loves playing with Ingrid's dolls "hey - baby - play with me!!" (He then usually pounces on the doll and enthusiastically 'greets' read as kisses poor Megan to within an inch of her life!!). No need for that tonight though.

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