Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Base Jumping Baby

When George was a baby he had a particularly bad week of accidents. By the end of the week he had a black eye, split eyebrow, an egg on his head and had put two teeth through his lip. I remember having to go into town to do a heap of jobs and, worried that people may be concerned about George's well being I had the shade cover firmly stuck over the pram!!!
It really shouldn't have taken me by surprise when Arthur took a head first dive off our bed. After calling friends to help determine if he was concussed and required medical attention (which he didn't-though he had a HUGE egg on his head). So far so good. Til bath time. Arthur had the luxury of having the bath all to himself as the big kids were having a shower to wash their hair. Arthur happily played with George's bath toys - especially the motor bike which was carelessly discarded in the bottom of the bath. All going well, til Mummy Bear tried to wipe Arthur bear's face. In an attempt to avoid having the extremely large red bump on his forehead touched Arthur launched himself forward only to slump down - bot on bike - with great force. And after extracting the bike from where the sun don't shine, I thanked goodness there wasn't any major damage. While consoling the poor little man, who was understandably sore from top to bot I couldn't help but think "geez. How would I have explained that one"....

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