Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Introducing the Talented Laurence

Afternoon folks. Today I was lucky enough to be invited by the lovely Laurence to view her pieces at the current exhibition put on by the tafe art students (running til the end of the month at the tram sheds, for you yokels). And what's more I managed to squeeze in an hour and a bit without kids!! All the students used the Cateract Gorge as inspiration- and the array of interpretation was astounding.
Laurence had some beautiful pieces on display (the first 4 pics) and she had obviously put a lot of effort into them- they are amazing. I couldn't decide which I liked the best-maybe the long piece of hand weaving? The 'Don't Graffiti Nature' piece was great too. As was her map. Ok so they were all good- too hard to chose. She was also lucky enough to have picked up one the watercolours by a fellow student. (See the large painting of the rocks in the 5th pic). It really is beautiful.
I also loved the detailed outfits (pic no 6). These were hand woven and dyed before being constructed. Finally the wall hanging by the tafe teacher was really something (last pic). The muslin is hand dyed to represent water levels on the rocks, and had also sewn added rouching and texture on. Between the creases he had painted faint silhouettes of people enjoying the Gorge - kids playing, people walking dogs etc. These were very faint and you didn't notice them unless you looked really closely. I could've stayed and gazed at it for hours.......
Only problem is that I have now added the course to my wish list of things to do in a few years in the 'time to get my life back on track post kids' phase that I'm hanging out for!! That list is growing and I'm gonna be busy!!
We spent the afternoon reorganising the house to give me a dedicated crafting this space.....

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