Friday, May 31, 2013

Another Friday, Another Birthday

It's my birthday!! Prep Brown sang me Happy Birthday in English & Indonesian while I wore the special birthday hat (shaped like a cake). Ingrid made banana muffins (1st pic) for me. Yummy!
Off to ballet - the mums sang me happy birthday again! Off to pick up, the lovely Deb brought me flowers - yellow, my favourite! Then the lovely Renee brought round a cake AND balloons. Spoilt! Another round of Happy Birthday!
For dinner the Purchase & Boden gangs brought pizza and an icecream cake (another round of Happy Birthday). Lovely to have such beautiful friends!! Looking at the pics it's easy to see why I had such a strong sense of déjà vu! !
The next pic- well Paris and Nikki dropped in of course. And finally the children put on a play! With approximately 3 directors and 5 lead roles (among 5 kids) the 7 minute long performance (of 5 simultaneous monologues) ended in tears and it was home time!!! Wish I could post the footage of the play, it really was quite adorable!
The lovely Ianthe and Geoff left the kitchen spotless, which with a dishwasher on the blink was perhaps my favourite part of the day!
Oh and Arthur and Finn had a bath. Arthur thought Finn was the funniest bath toy he'd seen and laughed and laughed and laughed the whole time. Very cute :)

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