Friday, April 26, 2013

Sorry.....back on deck....

Hi everyone. Sorry it's been so long. Had a bit going on...Arthur had another hospital stay. Ingrid had her tonsils out. Yes that is a picture of Princess Ingrid who wore her Tiara to hospital (meanwhile George, Arthur and Sammy bear had a boys night). She also took a life sized unicorn in to surgery. Apparently Dr Irani nearly took sparkles tonsils by accident. I've been kept fairly busy keeping the patient entertained as she had had to have 2 weeks off school, ballet everything. Sam, forgetting Dr I's daughter was in the class thought we may be able to sneak Ingrid back to school a little early. Til I reminded him about Dr I's's not all bad for the patient. She has had free access to mummy bears scarves!! And lots and lots of baking...everything has had to have sprinkles!!!!
And finally as the weather has turned (though our tomatoes are STILL going) the soccer season has begun. Phew. And through a haze of morning er all day sickness which doesn't seem to be going away despite being 17 weeks now. Ughh.

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