Monday, April 8, 2013

Head of the River

On Saturday we packed a picnic and headed off to the beautiful Lake Barrington for the Head of the River. The weather was beautiful, the water great (as always) and we had a really fantastic day.
Scotch had their own pint sized cheer squad as the kids got right into the spirit of things!! Things got a little confusing at one point when I couldn't help but let out a 'go Collegiate', so Sam thought what he hell, 'go Grammar' and the chorus of 'go Scotch go Scotch' got louder. For the record Collegiate won - in my old boat which bought back lots of lovely memories!!! It didn't stop several other spectators looking our way and wondering what was going on!
I ran into several old coaches, fellow crew members and old friends. I did find picnicking by the lake a bit of a luxury though as I'm used to being a lot more busy on the day!! I must admit I did have trouble staying put.

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