Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Round Up

Ok so it's taken nearly a week to get round to it but I thought I'd let you know what we got up to over Easter. This is the short version as after a day at Head of the River today (more about that another time) I'm a little bit tired...
We started Easter Sunday by discovering what the Easter Bilby had left for us. Yummy. Chocolate. And fair trade too- what a very P.C. bilby the E.B is!!! Then we had a breakfast of home made hot cross buns which the kids and I had made the day before. We put craisens in and they were very very yummy. Then we packed up and went to Swanwick to spend the night with Gandy and Pa Pa. I ended up sewing the bilbies on the way. However sewing with Sam behind the wheel while going over Lake Leake resulted in several needle injuries (at one point Ingrid got quite cross with me for bleeding on her bilby). I decided to postpone the sewing til we got there.
Once we arrived we ate more of our hot cross buns and yet more chocolate (we did have a very fun Easter egg hunt). Next it was time to take the kids for a run on the beach (ready for the next round of chocolate). They promptly removed their clothrs and had a wow of a time. Just a hyperthermia set in we went home where the smell of Mandy's lamb roast greeted us.
Old friends of Gandy's Max and Bev came for dinner. They have led such interesting lives - Max was a patrol officer in PNG, set up national parks in the territory, was a crocodile re-homer (George was VERY impressed) and more recently a world expert on the crabs on Christmas Island (Ingrid was impressed by this one as she thought maybe it was Christmas every day on Christmas Island. We had some lovely chats about the island as this was the first place I had been to school. I had made a lemkn meringue pie which was nearly as good as the roast Gandy had made.
What a lovely Easter!!
Oh and the fishing party set out Monday morning but alas we are still fish less.

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