Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rock Cakes & Parent Teacher Interviews

Today was baking day. Wednesdays always are as it is a home day for Ingrid. Fridays are home days too but ballet takes some of the sting out if that one.
So the little sous chef and I made rock cakes today. Rather yummy too. We took a little parcel of rock cakes in for Mrs G and Mrs B as we had parent teacher student interviews after school.
You will notice I used the word student in there. This is because the meetings are meant to be student led. In Ingrid's case she was too busy socialising with the passing crowd outside as everyone made their way home for the day.
Either way both of them had glowing reports from their teachers. George in particular has been applying himself to all those less favoured activities, and has really found his confidence.
Tomorrow Ingrid is having her tonsils out so I'm going to bed shortly to stock up on zzz!!

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