Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Photo Safari : Lego Launceston

In the last school holidays (yup, it's taken that long for me to post this) I took the big kids along to a Lego exhibition at a local high school. The place was completely chokers, it was kinda bonkers!
Who knew that I was going to go on a tour of some of the worlds most remarkable buildings and monuments. I mean, check this out!
Can you imagine acually sitting there and building these. Wowsers. But even more amazing was that someone had made a complete replica of the Launceston CBD. Out of Lego. Really. 
Seriously, the detail was absolutely amazing. The signage on the shops, trees and gardens.  They even remembered to put the que of people out onto the street outside Service Tasmania.
Robbers were being handcuffed outside the cop shop, and the locals will recognise the busses. Yes, we have tiger busses in Launceston. 
The library in town is located in Civic Square. Also in Civic Square is a statue of 3 Tasmanian tigers. Look closely in the pictures below. Can you see them?
What? "You can't wait to come to Tas-Vegas?" I hear you say! Sure. They had that covered too!!
Are you a Lego fan? What's the most amazing thing you've built??


  1. BONKERS!!!!!!!! yep, lego lover here, Is it not fantastic (unless you step on it in bare feet). Amazing, just brilliant.... although i reckon i could knock something like this up no probs..NOT!

  2. Oooh ouch Lego and bare feet are not a good combination! Apparently it took ol' mate a year to build. Wowsers!