Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How to Renovate a Cubby House

1. Get the kids involved. 
2. Choose your paint. Be adventurous, always wondered what a hot pink floor would look like? Give it a crack.  It's not you're living room. 
3. Don't be too precious about your traidies skills. Our kids painted half the window as well as half the wall. We scraped if off, but the paint work does leave a bit to be desired. 
4. Make some personalised art work. I made these initialled squash racquets ($2 at vinnies) using the left over wool from the pom poms the kids made for the ceiling. 
5. Use the kids art work to dress the walls. 


  1. You have some lucky-ducky kids to have a mum like you! What an awesome adventure house :)

  2. So gorgeous Cat! I would have loved a cubby like that when I was little, I bet your kids are living the cubby dream life! x

  3. Thanks Jules. I would have loved any cubby when I was a kid!! They are having a great time with their mates!

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