Monday, April 14, 2014

][ dinner at mine \\ paella ][

For those of you who know Mr TBT, you would know that he doesn't cook. He doesn't actually like cooking. I love cooking. But I don't like cleaning up the kitchen. Perfect match!! I cook, he washes up. But even though I do love cooking, it is still nice to have the night off every now and then. 
Mr TBT is one of 4 kids. Can the others cook? Brother B? Check. Brother T? Double check. Sister K? Check too. So what happened? I asked his mother about it once. 
"I did try" sighed his mum. She sounded exasperated at the thought - still. 15 years later. 
And to be fair, he can cook. He cooks a ripper spag bog. Only I wouldn't know. I'm a vegetarian. 
So on Thursday, as one of the kids had a 5:30 doctor appointment, I suggested that he might do dinner that night. "Sure". He said. 
Righto. How 'bout I try to get out of the shopping too. "You can do all the hunting and gathering too" I added. 
"No worries. Why don't I cook tonight and tomorrow night? You can have a rest." Ahhh. What a man!
So, young Master G and I returned home to sausages. Yup. Good start. But on top of that he had roasted asparagus and red onion with pine nuts, grilled some marinated mushies and whipped together a tomato and goats cheese salad. It was good. Really good. 
The next night? Roast lamb and perfect roast veggies. I love roast veggies. Check this out:
And this:
But wait. There's more. You may have read in my last post that we had a paella to die for at the farmers markets in Hobart. We've been craving it ever since. I began researching paella recipes.  The history of paella is quite interesting. Especially the bit that says it was traditionally cooked by the men. It was also usually cooked on a Sunday. I looked at my watch. was Sunday...I wonder...
As soon as Mr TBT learned it was a mans job, he was all over it. Off he went, hunting and gathering. He returned with all the ingredients for a vegetarian version, along with chicken, mussels, chorizo, prawns and crab. 
To cut a long story short it was one of the yummiest things I have tasted. Ever. Check this out:

That was three straight yummy, nutritious, wholesome, fan-bloody-tastic meals in a row. Not bad for someone who doesn't cook huh? And you know the best bit? He did most of the cleaning up those nights too. Ahhh. He's a keeper that one. 

Who does the cooking in your house? Have you tried any new recipes lately?


  1. What a winner! You lucky duck... looks delicious.

  2. The food looks delish! It's the same in our house too I cook he cleans :)