Sunday, February 9, 2014

][ an eggcellent surprise ][

I have to be honest.  I have been cursing Mr TBT.  Poor Mr TBT.  After all his work jack hammering all the unsightly concrete in our front yard and all I could do is openly and publicly accuse him of putting the chooks off the lay.  It was all his fault.  I was certain.  
So imagine my surprise when, while painting the cubby (yes, still.  I seem to get about 4 cm2 done a day - but that is another story) I got a rather eggcellent surprise when I looked out the cubby window.  Look at em all!!  12 of them, plus another in our impromptu tomato patch!  Better still, they were all still fresh.  The best way to check if eggs are fresh is to immerse them in water.  If they sink they are fresh, if the float don't risk it.

Arthur was rather eggcited about the find.

This discovery, along with some other not so pleasant discoveries,  (you know the warm and sticky discovery on the bottom of a bare foot) has meant that the chooks no longer roam our yard, terrorizing poor Mango Dog and generally ruling the roost.  I'm not kidding, Mr TBT had to actually stand guard while Mango ate his dinner yesterday.  Nope, we have dedicated a corner of the vegie patch to Chateau le Chook.  They aren't too happy about it, and in fact I'm rather glad that it is the far back corner.  I couldn't cope with the constant evil eye and pacing up and down the fence willing, daring us to set them free again.

With the big kids back at school Mr TBT knocked this up in a day.  Along with his faithful sidekick of course.

Now what to do with all the eggs?  We had pizza that night, and popped an egg or two on the pizza.  Eggcellent, if I do say so myself.

What's your favorite way to use up eggcess eggs? I feel an egg and bacon pie coming on....


  1. Great post Cat! You amaze me that you can do all of this on your iPhone! Enjoying following along and getting to read your blog (in between lessons!). I think I need you to give me some tips on surviving with four kids - i'm starting to get a little nervous hehehehe!

    1. Thanks Jess! You'll be fine! I'll be honest, I absolutely shat myself too! I didn't ever believe the people who told me I wouldn't even notice no 4....but here I am, 4 months on and I'm still standing!

  2. What and eggscellent post! I love the Chateau le Chook and that pizza looks delicious! I think my favourite way to use up eggsess eggs is a pav with homemade custard - yum! Or to make baked eggs (I have a recipe for that one on my blog, if you're interested).

    1. Ahh Heike, you're a good egg! I am definitely interested in baked eggs. Yummola!