Friday, February 7, 2014

][ back to school ][

Finally, it's school time! Actually, the holidays went really quickly - even the weeks that Mr TBT was away.  We usually take some flowers from our garden for the teachers, but with our herbs in full swing we decided to make herb bouquets. 
The combination of rosemary, oregano, thyme and chives smelled divine. The chives are in flower as you can see, which added a bit of colour. Yummo!
So, here they all are, ready for the first day of prep and grade one.

The Christmas bikes have had a workout too!
I'm so pleased Ingrid could be in Mrs Brown's prep class. George had a lovely year last year and Ingrid will do so too. Mrs Brown is a bit special. Here are some of the wonderful things the little preppies discover when they arrive:
Upstairs we go to the brand spanking new year 1 classrooms. I was sooo pleasantly surprised to see the play based learning continue. There were buntings spread on the floor made of black paper with a box of chalk next to it; a basket of sticks with wire and beads for the kids to create with;
Succulents on the drawing table;
Games to play and patterns to make. 
Not to mention, friends to play with. 
Or to read with...
And lovely things all round...
Ahh. Makes me want to go back to school!! What would get you back to school? Anything?

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