Sunday, February 9, 2014

6 // 52

The 52 Project.  A photo of my children, every week for the year.  See more 52 projects at My Bearded Pigeon, and Practicing Simplicity.

:: Rupert....absolutely fascinated with the quilt a dear family friend Jane made for George.  All the children have played and slept on it and it is definitely one baby thing that we will be keeping.

:: full swing at the pool.  Arthur throws himself enthusiastically into life in general, as no other 19 moth old I have ever met.  I think this picture captures his spirit and enthusiasm beautifully.

:: Ingrid....was very pleased to take the class bear Bobby home in the very first week of prep.  Bobby has had quite a busy time with us, and was well and truly ready for a well earned rest!

:: a rare quiet moment, listening to an ebook.

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