Friday, March 15, 2013

It's Raining Fiesta

School fair day. Only these days they call it 'Fiesta'. Last year we lined up for hours in the pony ride line. The pony ride line was only outdone by the jumping castle line.
This year Mummy Bear thought it best to do those two activities first. Good work with the ponies. We were among the first to ride. Next stop the baking stall (picked up a pie for dinner-great call Leanne!!). Then the jumping castle. While waiting in the relatively short line it drizzled, just a little. All attempts to convince the children to jump on either of the two jumping castles with a roof in we're met with "puh-lease can we go on the pirate jumping castle please please please". Mummy Bear didn't have the energy to insist so pirate jumping castle it was.
The last time George and Ingrid were on a jumping castle the had a rather large head clash. Ingrid fared the best with lacerations to the head. Unfortunately for George it was his from tooth which did the lacerating and the tooth fairy made her first visit a few weeks later.
Back to Fiesta. So kids on roofless jumping castle. Guess what? It bucketed down. Fancy that. Faced with the option of going home or leaving shoes of and sticking with the drowned rat look the kids chose the latter. So the Miedecke circus continued.
Face painting next. Under cover. Big wait. Finally Batman and Butterfly Girl emerge. Can we go home yet-puh lease (Mummy Bear).
Eventually 2 bedraggled kids,one extremely grumpy tired baby and and bedraggled grumpy mum make for the car. The kids are currently sitting in front of the Grand Prix while I have a cuppa. Slurrrrp. Ahhhhh.

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