Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Love Summer

I love summer. I also love it when we actually get a summer down here in the southern isle. In case you haven't heard, Australia had the hottest January since records began in 1910. I saw a report on the ABC which quoted the BOM as saying 97% of Australia experienced above average temperatures. While we've enjoyed our bit of sunshine down here spare a thought for the Birdsville-ites who had 31 days in a row above 40 degrees. Phew. Blair Trewin from the BOM said that 6 of the hottest summers on record have been in the last decade. Surely that would change the 'average' temperatures then, wouldn't it?

The reporter interviewed Tony Mohr from the Australian Conservation Foundation. He said "If you're 27 years or younger you've never experienced an average summer. Every summer has been warmer than the average." Folks. Where's the maths? Isn't this global warming?

More importantly what can we do about it? Here are some ideas:
• Put your hand up who switched the air on on during the heat wave? Tip no 1. Suck it up buttercup. Buy yourself a fan. One which folds and fits in your purse.
• Have a cold shower instead. And wash your clothes in cold water. We don't even have the hot tap plumbed in to our washing machine. I do remember hearing that the energy efficient stickers on your washing machine are actually tested on the 'Eco' setting. Why not use that setting anyway? And while you're at it commit to buying energy efficient items. Start with your light bulbs. Oh, and find out where the 'off' switch is. Taps, lights, tvs, power points, heaters.... They all have a spot marked OFF.
• Take a hike. Or get on ya bike. Or pony, goat, yak or other carbon reducing mode of transport.
• Plant trees! Native are good. Indigenous are even better. Or give trees as gifts. There are companies who (for a small fee) will plant trees to make your car carbon neutral. You can even pay a couple of extra $$ when you book flights to make your next holiday/business trip carbon neutral.
• While we're on the subject of giving, think hadmade and grown or made locally. While you're thinking, think reuse recycle. Try to fix things before throwing them out. Ohhh so many options to help save this lil' planet of ours...

When we first bought this place we asked the kids what they would like to grow. Top of the list were mangoes, avocado and watermelon. A bit tricky in a temperate climate... Maybe in the next decade it'll be warm enough down here for them! In the mean time we will have to make do with this yummy fruit salad we had for afternoon tea. Either way, our tomatoes are starting to ripen which is nice.
Mango had a play date with Gus while Mandy went on a bike ride today. He had lots of cuddles while he was here. The kids adore him.

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