Saturday, March 23, 2013

Half Time

Well folks it is half time in our birthday marathon weekend. 2 down. 2 to go. Phew.
We started the day with a low GI breakfast in preparation for the impending sugar hit. I figured if I fed them a HUGE breakfast they wouldn't have room for too much party food. "Yes George, you may have a 4th serve of baked beans, would you like some milk with that?"
Into the party clobber. Ahh looking beautiful in our birthday clothes. Crisp white t-shirt for one, a lovely ironed dress shirt for another and a pretty party dress for the middle child. By the way if you like the dress check out the lovely Emily's Mexican shop at She has a lovely range of beautiful embroidered Mexican tops and dresses for little girls and their mummies.
Off we went to Sriya's 4th birthday. Only 20 minutes late-which is pretty good for us. There were 25 children, and Kids Paradise is hectic enough at the best of times!! The kids had a fantastic time and it was rather difficult to convince the kids to leave. Even for another party.
Right. Back in the car, back up the river, across the Tamar and back down the river again. To Ned's 5th party. An hour late - more like our style. Baby awake again. Bugger, that's 4 minute zzz x 2. Oops the big kids still have Sriya's birthday cake (and tomato sauce) smeared from ear to ear. Oh well, there is a Easter egg hunt going on. Yep now there is chocolate on there too. Almost looks artistic.....More birthday cake. More lollies.
It was really really lovely to check out the Hallett's new digs. I caught up with a few people I hadn't seen in a good decade or two (eat your heart out Bettie - wow that is nanna style). The kids had a ball and we made our way home after 3pm. 2 asleep.
6pm-all kids fed salad and rice cakes, cake removed from faces and poured into bed. Ready to do it all again tomorrow. Phew.
The first 2 pics are the before and after pictures. Quite a difference, you'll notice. You'll notice in the pictures from the cake cutting from both parties a little girl in a green dress and a little boy in a blue shirt- both in the front row!

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