Wednesday, December 11, 2013

End of Year Busy Busy

Tomorrow is the last day of school. Can you believe it????!!!!
I didn't have a chance to make it into town to buy the teachers any goodies so I had to raid the garden. We've had so many windy days, most of the flowers have blown clean off the bushes, but this is what we found:
And now I'm baking gingerbread for George's end of year class celebration. 
One more thing-for those who don't know Louis is now Rupert. Nobody seemed to know how to pronounce or spell Louis which when you have a very tricky surname is a bit mean. So Rupert it is. Good thing we hadn't registered it properly!! 
Anyway, I've been a bit busy recently-I will update the last few months in the next few blog posts- but it has been CRAZY busy!! Cheers. 

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