Monday, September 2, 2013

Duh Wha?

Oh dear. Tony Abbott is catching. The inner Brisbane Liberal candidate Teresa G was questioned about why she couldn't give an answer on how which way she will go on marriage equality. "I will not be pressured. It's politically driven". Duh Wha? Sorry love. You do realise you are a POLITICIAN. And that there is an election campaign on... She also said something along the lines that when she was ready she would vote about what HER conscious felt comfortable with. Errr you do realise that you are representing the people... For the record once it became very clear she was going down in a big way she declared her commitment to marriage equality.
Fiona in Sydney (you know, the one with sex appeal??) was asked why asylum seekers is such an important issue for outer suburban voters. Her answer stated that as a mum the motorways are so overcrowded that when you are racing to pick up kids from daycare by 6pm and the overcrowding meant that they were being overcharged (per kid mind you) for every moment they're late. Yeah right. Late for day care-asylum seekers... I don't know about the other mums and dads out there, but when I think about having to make a decision about putting my children on a boat to keep them safe I think how bloody lucky we are in our situation and how we as a nation ought to show some bloody compassion for people in need...but that's just me...

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