Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good On You Umpie

Just watching the state of origin and thought I'd say "good on you" to the ref. Why? He sent 4 players to the sin bin for going the biffo.
Honestly, if the code wants to prove itself as having appropriate role models for youngsters I hope next weeks tribunal throws the book at ALL PLAYERS who were involved. (Apart from the few who pulled other players out of the action). The origin is the perfect stage to set an example as many 'non league supporters' tune in (it's the only league I ever watch). Not to mention the shit that the AFL finds themselves in at the moment. Come on NRL, this is your chance!!
The cameras followed the NSW players (pardon my ignorance but being a Tasmanian resident these days I've lost touch with whos who in both rugby codes!!) into the tunnel where they were patted ( on the bum - literally) and consoled by NSW staff. Come on people-they've been very very naughty (not to mention the score).
And the carry on by the commentators - well lets just say if I was the ref I'd be sending THEM to the naughty spot too.... Only in our house its one minute for every year of age. Humf, if you think the players were sent to the sin bin for eternity fellas.....

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